I believe everybody loves furby and wants to know where to get the furby for sale. This is not a new thing anymore because most of kids and teenagers really want to have this cute little robotic toy. For your info (in case you have not heard this yet). New Furby has clearly beat the previous version of Furby (Original Furby, the old one). The Old Furby was MUST HAVE toy in its era in the past, but this New Furby has been VERY POPULAR since its release date and now marked as the #1 TOP GIFTED and #1 Most Wished For toys for Christmas.

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Where Can I buy a FURBY?

Video Furby for Sale

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My Experience on Furby

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Nothing can describe my feeling after I followed the instruction and played with this Furby. The LCD eyes are extremely gorgeous as it can show wider range of motions than the previous one. This new furby is also more responsive. Some of my friends asked me where can i buy a furby and the answer is pretty easy. You and they can find this lovely robotic toy from the place I refer you to. You can find out the cheapest price, the best deal ever on Furby there. Also you can find tons of positive reviews which are very useful to get to know furby better.
Just simply get the furby for sale if you really want it. This robotic toy is pretty amazing with the very responsive act. It can dance and it can respond when you talk to them.

Furby Good Comparison

Here we can read the customer reviews as the good comparison. I picked one of them out because this one written by Patricia D. Mccoy who has owned a Original Furby (the old one). I think this would be a very good comparison regarding New Furby vs Old Furby.

By Patricia D. Mccoy:

The old ones, the Original Furbys had differences: pitch of voice, stripe mane or poof with tail, names, eye color, etc. The new gen Furbys come in different colors but there are no real differences between them that is until playtime starts.

Furbys begin to speak in “furbish” which is their own simplistic language. As time goes on they learn English one word at a time replacing their own furbish vocabulary. These take 4 double-A batteries which are not included and have 9 methods of interaction: Shake Furby, tilt Furby, feed Furby (with your finger or a free I-pod app), pet Furby, tickle Furby, talk to Furby, pull Furbys tail, introduce two furbys to each other, and play music for Furby.

A quick crash course in Furby: Furbys are interactive robotic pets with various modes of interaction to which they respond, Furbys are loud and have no off switch (You have been warned!!!) but will go to sleep if you leave them alone for a bit. To wake them simply tilt them.

How you play with Furby will change it’s complete personality including the tone of it’s voice and it’s LED eye shape. The personalities have a huge range from a “tough guy” Furby to a “Valley girl” type, and everything in between. The personality is triggered by how you treat them, for example you can overfeed Furby and I’ve found that when I do so he always changes into the tough guy mode soon after, if I pet my Furby a lot it changes to a sweet and cuddly personality, and so on. Changes are very obvious, it will wiggle, close it’s eyes and emit a seizure-inducing series of flashing lights while exclaiming “Me change!”. When it opens it’s eyes it’s a whole new Furby. It shifts personality very quickly at first but seems to shift less frequently as time goes on.

It’s fun! It was fun then and is arguably better now. Some of the improvements include the new LED eyes which are very expressive and highly visible, new animatronic animations that allow it to stretch scrunch or wobble (the original could tilt back and forth only), an expanded vocabulary of furbish terms (original furbish dictionaries will still work for most basic words as those have not changed), and new interactivity such as dancing to music, and working with the I-phone app.

As it would be very useful as a “pet” for kids, I would recommend for most ages . It can help in developing skills in young children for translating from other languages. Also makes a good desk toy for adults as long as you’re okay with the level of noise. Makes a good gift for those who grew up with one of the originals, as it has that nice level of nostalgia about it. :) It’s an A+ toy and not too pricey at retail (do some research on price before you buy)

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